Super Starter Kit - NK301




The following items are included in the NK301 Starter Kit:

Item Description
N40M2 Antex 12-watt Soldering Iron
N408I Antex needle solder tip Iron-clad
N40T4 Soldering Iron stand w/sponge
N4200 Low-temperature Silver Solder
N8021 LED Tester
NT301 LED/wire Holding Tool
N5030B #30 Insulated Hookup Wire - black
N5030R #30 Insulated Hookup Wire - red
N5038 #38 Magnet wire 100 ft. each red/green
N3301-4 Battery Clip 4-pack
N1021-2 2x3 Super-white LED 2-pack
N1012-5 Micro Red LED 5-pack
N1013-5 Micro Yellow LED 5-pack
N1032-5 Nano Red LED 5-pack
N1033-5 Nano Yellow LED 5-pack
N1042-5 Subminiature Red LED 5-pack
N1043-5 Subminiature Yellow LED 5-pack
N3200-2 Ultra-miniature Switch 2-pack
ND101 Guide to working with LEDs

Additional items needed:











2008 Ngineering




* This type of soldering iron is available at nearly all hardware and home improvement stores as well as Radio Shack for about $9 to $12.

35-40 watt soldering iron * (for pretinning magnet wire)
Scalpel with #11 blade or equiv.
Bench Light w/100watt bulb or good bright light
Magnification 3.5X or better - Optivisor is good choice
Small scissors
Small bench vise or hemostats (to hold LED wiring tool)
Liquid soldering flux (not essential, but helpful)
Round toothpicks or equiv.
1 or 2, 9-volt batteries