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Delwins Boat & Net Storage is the newest HO craftsman kit released by Rail Scale Miniatures of Canada.  It recently made its debut at the 2011 NMRA Convention in Sacramento, California. Reports we received were that the amount of realism and detail of this kit astounded everyone.

As part of the debut,  Rail Scale Miniatures displayed their assembled kit with a full compliment of lighting, including gooseneck lamps,  building signage lights, streetlight type pole lamps along the wharf and parking area, and drop lights in the net storage and drying area. As with the Horwood Bros. Kit, Ngineering's products were also selected for this project. It is always very enjoyable to work with RSM in designing lighting for their kits.

We are pleased to announce that lighting kit (NK019) includes all of the parts necessary to build the lights included on the Delwin Boat & Net Storage model just as it was debuted. This lighting kit is priced with a 20% savings over standard retail pricing for the same parts if purchased separately. To view this kit in large size with the lights on, click here.

Instructions for fabrication and placement of all of the lights mentioned above is included with the Delwins model kit.


An itemized list of parts included in the kit is as follows:

Item# Description Qty.
N2018-4 0.018" Stainless Steel Tubing 4-pack 1
N7005-8 HO 18" Lampshade 8-pack 3
N7006-8 HO 6" Escutcheon 2
N7002-8 N 24" Lampshade 8-pack 1
N2112-10 0.012" Straightened Stainless Steel Wire 10-pack 1
N5038 #38 magnet Wire red & green 100 ft. each color 1
N1018-10 Micro Incandescent LED 10-pack 2
N4200 Low-temperature Silver Solder 1
N4300 Ultra-thin Saw Blade Kit 1
NT301 LED/wire Holding Tool 1
NT302 HO Gooseneck Tube Bending Tool 1
N8102 LED Power Distribution Board 1
PA1501 1.5K-ohm 1/8-watt SMD Resistor 3
PA3011 3.1K-ohm 1/8-watt SMD Resistor 3
PC7500 750-ohm 1/2-watt SMD Resistor 3
N3518 18-Volt DC Regulated Power Supply 1


2011 Ngineering