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Listed below are website changes and new product releases.

For new products, clicking on the part number will lead you to more information.


6/20/2018 New product release: N8XXX-071 Modern Grade Crossing sound effect.
6/7/2018 New product release: N2596 AC/DC to DC adjustable Voltage Converter.
4/27/2018 New product releases: L-series Lighting effects (22) with latching on startup to support the N8600 Proximity Detector.
4/24/2018 Upgraded website to SSL (secure Socket Layer) 2048-bit encryption to maximize security (web addresses now display green padlock).
4/12/2018 New product release: N8600 Proximity Detector.
4/1/2018 New product release: N8078 Fire truck Roto-Ray 3-LED Emergency Light.
9/2/2017 New product release: NLA8042C Low-voltage Rotating Beacon
6/8/2017 New product release: N8077 Opticom traffic pre-emption emitter
6/8/2017 New product release: N8031C Marslight for red LEDs
6/7/2017 New product release: N8076 Fire Truck 4 strobe simulator w/opticom
4/7/2017 New product release: NLA8049 Low-voltage Chase Light simulator
1/12/2017 New product release: N8075 Utility Vehicle Flasher
















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