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Description Run-
Control Comments Play
-001 Farm animals 2:09 O,C Chickens, birds, cows, goats, dogs
-002 Dogs & crickets 2:03 O,C Perfect for evening or night scenes
-003 Cows 4:56 O,C Great for stockyards, dairies & rail cars
-004 Air Compressor 0:22 O,C Early era electric two cylinder pump
-005 Sheep 1:20 O,C Lots of sheep
-006 Pigs 1:57 O,C Oinkers a plenty
-007 Small Brook & birds 2:27 O,C Great for low-level background effects
-008 Chickens 2:04 O,C Perfect for a poultry farm or rail car
-009 Duck Pond 3:47 O,C Lots of waterfowl w/water sounds
-010 Forest birds w/crows 1:26 O,C Just as it says
-011 Waterfall 4:57 O,C This is a BIG roaring waterfall sound
-012 Grade crossing 4:59 S Early-era crossing bell sound
-013 Auto repair shop 2:02 O,C A busy little shop with plenty of sound
-014 Chainsaw 1:42 O,C Great for logging camps
-015 Babbling creek 1:00 O,C Very "wet", excellent for small waterfall
-016 Deliverance music 1:34 O,C For that little shack that needs a touch
-017 Palm sander 0:38 O,C Like the kind used on auto body repair
-018 Ocean waves at cliff 1:45 O,C Good waves sounds near rocks
-019 High school classroom 2:58 O,C Excellent for any crowded establishment
-020 City sounds 0:50 O,C People, buses, cars, horns
-021 Church bell 0:26 O,C Great for that chapel scene
-022 Blues music 2:32 O,C Add real life to that bar by the roadside
-023 Maple leaf rag 2:04 O,C Old-time favorite good for a saloon
-024 Sunshine rag 1:00 O,C More good saloon music
-025 Clickety-clack at 35mph 4:04 S Perfect for a grade crossing
-026 Clickety-clack at 45mph 4:04 S Ditto
-027 Clickety-clack at 25mph 5:04 S Yep, ditto
-028 Gulls and surf 1:24 O,C You can almost smell the salt air
-029 Construction 1:09 O,C For housing or maybe boat building
-030 Thunderstorm 1:24 O,C Several deep thunder claps with rain
-031 Garbage truck 0:20 O,C Could be for many service vehicles
-032 Sawmill 1:42 O,C,S Band saw mill
-033 50's gas station bell 0:05 O,C,S Like the 'ol Texaco boys we remember...
-034 Police radio 0:42 O,C Great for emergency vehicles too
-035 Children in playground 2:00 O,C A very happy, cheerful sound
-036 Tug boat 0:49 O,C  The big 'ol 3-cylinder San Pedro tugboat
-037 SW2 switcher idling 4:25 O,C Perfect for a siding or train shed
-038 CP AC4400 idling 5:00 O,C Lots of horsepower doing nothing
-039 SD40-2 idling 5:09 O,C Perfect for a siding or train shed
-040 GP38 idling 5:00 O,C Ditto
-041 Gulls in harbor 4:17 O,C For that harbor scene that needs realism
-042 SD45 cold start & run 3:39 O,C Will send shivers up your spine
-043 4 guys chit-chatting 0:51 O,C Lots of applications
-044 Industrial 3:02 O,C Great for small manufacturing
-045 Babbling creek (looping) Replaced by revised sound effect -015 as of 7/15/2016
-046 Carousel 1:15 O,C Old-time carousel for a carnival
-047 Cessna 172 fly-by 0:32 O,C Great low-altitude fly-by
-048 Q2 fire truck siren 1:03 O,C The most used siren for fire trucks
-049 Restaurant sounds 3:01 O,C Lots of chatter and clinking dishes
-050 Cows (looping) Replaced by revised sound effect -003 as of 7/15/2016
-051 Sawmill (looping) Replaced by revised sound effect -032 as of 7/15/2016
-052 Wig-wag 4:59 S Early-era wig-wag crossing bell
-053 Axe chopping, tree falling 0:32 O,C Early-era logging sound efect
-054 Chainsaw, tree falling 0:29 O,C Modern logging sound effect
-055 Crickets, trash can, cat, dog 0:27 O,C Great alley sound effect for city scene
-056 Steam whistle 0:19 O,C,S Steam locomotive whistle blasts
-057 Early-era air-raid siren 1:02 O,C Typical WW2-era siren sound
-058 Rock/coal dump 0:48  O,C,S Excellent for coal chute & rock conveyor
-059 Christmas music (3 songs) 5:26 O,C Classic instrumental music
-060 Farm tractor plowing 2:40 O,C Tractor  makes 5 passes in field
-061 Tug boat w/o whistle 4:17 O,C Same Tug boat as -033 w/o whistle
-062 Wolves 0:36    O,C Wolf pack howling it up
-063 Coyotes 0:24    O,C Group of coyotes yipping & barking
-064 City sounds #2 3:04    O,C Similar to -020 with more sounds
-065 Carnival ambience 3:00    O,C Crowds chatting w/carnival background
-066 Clementine 1:18    O,C Oh my darlin' Clementine
-067 Old-time saloon piano 2:53    O,C Early frontier saloon piano sound
-068 Blown Chrysler startup 0:46    O,C 426 hemi w/671 blower & dual quads
-069 Blown 540 cu in street Anglia 0:55    O,C Early Anglia coupe w540 cu in Chevy
-070 '40 Willys coupe street rod 1:44    O,C 1000hp street rod startup & drive away
-071 Grade Crossing (modern) 3:07 S Modern (electronic) crossing bell sound
-072 Early-era Telephone Ring 0:37 O,C '40's-era black-bakelite telephone
-073 Hobo camp 2:53 O,C Crackling fire, harmonica, chit-chat
-074 Woodworking Shop 4:16 O,C Woodworking power tools & equip.
-075 Crickets 2:08 O,C Crickets chirping
-076 Cicadas 0:56 O,C Cicadas chirping
-077 Fire Truck w/siren & horn 0:28 O,C Very noticeable!
-078 Steam Donkey Engine 0:25 O,C Early logging sound effect
-079 Taps & Reveille (chooseable) 0:56 O,C Military Taps & Reveille bugle calls
-080 Loon sounds 1:39 O,C Soothing sounds of Loons
-081 Fog Horn & Surf sounds 3:35 O,C Perfect for Lighthouse scenes
-082 Donkey sounds 0:22 O,C Braying & Hee-haw sound
-083 Cessna startup & take-off 1:52 O,C Great for a small airport scene
-084 Crackling Campfire 1:58 O,C Perfect for our NK8047L Campfire Sim.
-085 Steam Sawmill - 1900's era 3:40 O,C Steam powered, dual circular blades
-086 Wheel flange squeal 0:54 O,C Great effect for rolling stock
-087 Amtrak Station Sounds 1:01 O,C Arrival/departure announcements
-088 Diesel Horn 0:06 O,C Typical 5-chime horn sound
-089 Trolley Bell 0:04 O,C Just like the San Francisco trolley sound
-090 Reefer Generator 4:47 O,C Reefer Car & Truck Generator sound
-091 Forklift sounds 0:41 O,C Typical loading & backing up with alarm
-092 Gas Welder 0:31 O Timed to work w/ N8064BL Lighting effct
-093 Bald Eagle sounds 1:21 O,C Great sounds of the Bald Eagle
-094 Steam Tender water refill 1:13 O,C Excellent sound w/whistle at the end
-095 Mack Truck Startup 1:13 O,C Older Mack Diesel Startup & Idle
-096 Forest Fire 4:56 O,C Forest or building fire sound
-097 City sounds #3 1:22 O,C Similar to -064 with more sounds
-098 Klaxon Aooogah Horn 0:02 O,C Perfect horn for Model A or T Ford

Click on the Play clip to hear a sample of any sound effect.

For clarity, please wait until sample finishes playing before playing another.


Sound effect Control: The column in the table below marked Control indicates how the sound effect can be replayed. Several types of playback controls are available:

O = Playback once: This type of start control initiates playback when the appropriate Start Control Pad is momentarily connected to Gnd (DC-). Playback will run through the entire length of the sound effect then stop. When momentarily connected again, it will replay and stop.

C = Continuously loop playback: This type of start control will initiate playback, then continuously loop from the end of the effect to the beginning again, as long as the appropriate Start Control Pad remains connected to Gnd. This can be useful for unattended displays that require a continuous sound effect.

S = On/Off (start & stop playback): This type of start control initiates play whenever the appropriate Start Control Pad is connected to Gnd, but immediately stops playback when the connection is broken. This is a useful control method for effects that are synchronized to other features, such as trains entering or leaving grade crossings.










































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