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              HO Pre-assembled Gooseneck Product Details


These HO Gooseneck Light Fixtures are totally manufactured at our Battle Ground, Washington facility using precision production tooling developed to ensure each and every Light fixture is assembled to the same shape and dimensional standards. This will guarantee the quality and consistancy that modelers expect when placing the product in their various projects.

From a scale standpoint, the tubing used is 0.018" outside diameter which corresponds HO scale 1-1/2" conduit. Typical for this type of light fixture

The lampshade is HO scale 18" diameter and is fabricated using 0.005" thick aluminum stock, stamped in-house from sheet material.

Included in our packaging is a small gelatin capsule containing a scale escutcheon (wall plate) stamped from the same 0.005" material with a 0.019" hole punched in the center for mounting on the tubing if the modeler wishes to do so. This escutcheon can be easily held in position against a building surface or wall by using a tiny dab of CA.

The light fixture includes a 3.3-volt 20ma LED that is pre-wired with red and green 38AWG insulated wires. The red wire is connected to the :LED's anode (+DC connection) and the green wired to the LED's cathode (–DC connection). Wire length fron the end of the tube is 4.5-5.0". The wire ends are pre-tinned for easy soldering connection.

For durability purposes, the lampshade end of the tubig has been flared and a 0.019" hole is punched in the lampshade. When the lampshade is positioned over and onto the flared tubing end, the joining surfaces are bonded with Devcon ® 2-Ton, 2-part epoxy. We do not use or recommend using CA (Super Glue) for this purpose because it is structually inferior for bonding metal surfaces. The gooseneck light is place in holding/alighment tooling while the epoxy bond is allowed to cure overnight This epoxy process ensures light fixture integrity for projects that could be relocated and travel to modeling shows or other locations where travel vibration and setup can be an issue.

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