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HO Gooseneck Light Kits vs. Pre-assembled Lights



As of April 12, 2024:

Not intending to "toot our own horn", but, over the years (since 2010) Ngineering has sold 1,638 HO Gooseneck Lighting Kits to many customers all over the world.

We have provided complete step-by-step fabrication and assembly instructions with each kit and links to pages on our website showing how-to instructions for the various processes to making these gooseneck light fixtures

The good news:

Each kit includes enough parts to build 8 gooseneck lights and at a kit price of $33-$35.95 that's  about $4.50 per gooseneck light. Very reasonable!!!

The not-so-good neews:

The process steps to complete gooseneck lights from the parts in the kits are many and some are quite tedious. They can be intimidating for modelers attempting to build these lights for the first time and for many hobbyists very, very time comsuming and difficult to achieve with satisfaction.

Also, like ourselves, most hobbyists have many projects going on at the same time and only a certain amount of time to deal with them (to say nothing about other projects external to the hobby that gobble up available time).

Our solution:

After many months of head scratching and a number of false-starts, we have been able to design and build precision tooling and fixturing to fabricate, inspect and test these gooseneck light fixtures as completed assemblies securily packaged for shipment to anywhere customers want them. It has been a challenge but well worth the effort, we believe.

Pricing is just under 4 times that of the individual gooseneck kit price, but all of the labor and tedious assembly is removed which allow the modeler to spend that time on other things.

We hope this makes it a "win-win" situation.

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