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                                   Adding switches to the LED Power Distribution Board


Figures 1 & 2 show front and back views of the N8102. Details are noted by a red circled area and corresponding comments.


Adding switches to LEDs on Side A of the board

For side A, if any of the series groups to be switched has 4 LEDs, then a very slight board modification is required. For example, if an A-side series group has I, 2 or 3 LEDs in the group, then the switch wires should be connected at the point circled in red where a solder bridge would be normally placed to complete the circuit. If 4 LEDs are in the series, then the cathode trace leading to the –DC rail for the 4th LED must be cut first. Using a scalpel, cut completely through this trace in two places (as shown in figure 1 – black lines), and peel the cut section of the trace away. This will ensure there is enough of a gap to prevent any shorting. Solder switch wires to the points shown by the two red lines.

                                                                                        Figure 1


Adding switches to LEDs on Side B of the board

For side B, the switch wires would be connected at the point shown circled in red in figure 2 below, for each individual LED, or the last LED in a series group. Side B has the flexibility to allow virtually any combination of individual LEDs or series groups to be switch controlled.


                                                                                         Figure 2



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