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              NK8035A Lighthouse Beacon Kit Details


Utilizing the industry’s smallest  microcontroller and associated voltage control circuitry, the total module with LED consumes less than 20 ma. This makes the NK8035A well suited for low power applications such as battery operation but can easily be powered by any well-filtered and regulated DC power source with an output of 6-18VDC. The very small overall size of this module will allow it to be easily placed in and around any structure, even in Z-scale.

The LED is a Ngineering N1022C high intensity Incandescent LED. It is quite bright and is constructed in a 2 X 3mm ceramic housing. Although the main source of light is out of its face (surface with the orange oval) it produces sufficient side-shine that it can be mounted facing up and  still project sufficient light from all 4 sides to illuminate the beacon area of a lighthouse model.


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