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                                         N8415 1.5-watt Amplifier 

  • The N8415 is a Class D (switching) audio amplifier, designed to provide a gain of up to 24dB with less than 10% total harmonic distortion & noise (THD+N).

  • Output power: 2.5Watts with 4-ohm speaker, 1.5Watts with 8-ohm speaker.

  • Filterless architecture allow this amplifier to drive speakers directly without the need for low-pass output filters.

  • Amplifier efficiency is much better that equivalent Class AB amplifiers.

  • On-board voltage regulation allows DC input power from 7 to 20 volts.

  • On-board volume control

  • On-board ferrite EMI filtering

  • Two audio inputs: DAC input for connection to Ngineering’s Little Sound  modules, and a AUD input  for standard low-level audio output from devices such as small portable radios and recorders.

  • Small 1.50” x 0.60” size allows placement in even the tightest spots.

  • Package includes detailed instructions and four 6" lengths of hookup wire (2 black, 1 red & 1 violet).









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