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                                                           N8600 Compatibility



Fringe-area & momentary triggering:

 The N8600 sensors and feedback circuitry allow for very precise detection distance control. When the desired distance for detection has been set, objects beyond that distance will be ignored. However, objects at the set distance are in a "fringe-area" because slight movement toward the detector confirms their detection, while slight movement away means they will be ignored. In this narrow (1" to 1-1/2" range), the detector can flicker between detection and no detection.

This momentary triggering can be an issue for some devices that are being triggered to turn on, but do not have latching in their circuitry to keep them on for some period or duration.

Our Sound Products (Little Sounds & Little Bigger Sounds) automatically "latch" when their control (usually pad #3) is momentarily grounded (–DC) so they will run through the full effect to the end and stop even if the detector is in a "fringe-area" or momentary detection condition.

Our Lighting Effects Products are designed to operate only when power is applied and do not contain latching features in their programming. However, several of them will have alternate programmed versions that add the latching feature for a specific time duration (typically 30 seconds). Click here for a list of those products.

General lighting and motor control circuits are usually powered up for continuous operation or on an "as-needed" basis. For these situations Ngineering will soon have a companion circuit (N8610) that can be wired to the N8600 and will provide several latching time intervals and control up to 400ma of DC current at voltage ranges of 9 to 18VDC. This circuit will also work for all of our standard (non-latching) Lighting Effects and Lighting products making it easy to incorporate with existing models and projects.




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