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                                N8600 Proximity Detector Specifications


The N8600 Proximity Detector uses transmitter and receiver sensors with a very narrow 15 degree detection angle to locate object position and movement.

The sensor output is processed through Ngineering’s proprietary electronics to compare the signal to an adjustable precision reference voltage. This allows the module to provide adjustable detector range.

An LED indicator establishes a visual “trigger” position for detection distance setup. Once the distance is set, objects from that distance down to 3 inches will be detected. Objects beyond that setting will be ignored.

A small slide switch is present for selection of two basic range modes: 3 inches to 3 feet, and 3 inches to 10 feet.

 When detection is “triggered” the LED turns on and a high current (200ma) transistor latches to –DC (ground) on the OUTPUT side of the circuit. This acts as a control for power routed to external  devices such as lighting, sound or motor controls.

 The N8600 is designed to operate from a DC voltage input of 9 to 18-volts.

 A sturdy PVC angle mounting bracket is provided for ease of installation.


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