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                         Soldering Tip Do's and Don'ts


Do's Don'ts
Rotate tip on soldering iron element shaft 1/2-turn each time before powering on iron (cleans contact)  
  Power up soldering iron with new tip without immediately tinning the tip with solder as it is heating up. This will prevent the tip from "heat glazing" (oxidation).
If a new tip is not tinned at startup and becomes "heat glazed" (won't take solder), plunge the hot tip into tip cleaner for 15-30 seconds, wipe on damp sponge and tin.  
Frequently wipe soldering tips on dampened sponge to keep tinning shiny and clean and help minimize flux buildup.  
  Ever use sandpaper, a file, or steel wool to clean our iron-clad, nickel-plated tips (N408I, N409I, N410I). This will destroy the nickel plating and the tip's protection against oxidation & pitting.
Fine sandpaper or a fine file can be used on our unplated soldering tip (N408X) to keep the point sharp. Always re-tin immediately after sanding (after wiping on damp sponge first).  
  Do not leave the soldering iron on for long periods of time (more than 30 minutes) between soldering operations. This will extend the life of the tips.
Do remember to wipe the tip on a dampened sponge when you unplug your soldering iron. It will be clean and ready the next time you power it up.  
Provide some type of support or restraint for your hot iron & tip to prevent injury to them and yourself. Our N40T4 Soldering Stand is an excellent choice.  




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