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                                   Using our soldering Flux


This soldering flux provides excellent fluxing for smooth & shiny solder joints, requires no cleaning & leaves no residue. Contains no acid.


To use:

  1. Hold bottle upright and twist white stopper counter-clockwise to remove from black cap.

  2. Insert blunt 0.016 needle into black cap and twist clockwise to seal needle to cap.

  3. Tip & gently squeeze bottle, a droplet of flux will form at needle tip. Touch droplet to area to be soldered.

  4. Remove needle & replace stopper when not in use.

  5. Store in cool, dry environment. Do not refrigerate.


Soldering hints:

This flux is very low viscosity and evaporates quickly. This ensures easy coverage to surfaces requiring fluxing, but due to evaporation, its application should be just prior to the soldering operation so flux is still in liquid state during soldering. This will produce the best solder joints.

It is not necessary to be concerned about over-fluxing parts to be soldered. Since this flux requires no cleanup and leaves no residue, it can be used freely during soldering operations.

An example would be, soldering our Nano LEDs: A droplet from the needle tip will completely encapsulate a Nano LED and the wire to be soldered. The LED will appear to be completely inside a bubble of the flux. As soon as the soldering iron tip containing a tiny amount of solder comes in contact with the LED pad to be soldered, a short sizzling sound can be heard and the solder joint is completed. The flux is completely gone, leaving a smooth & shiny solder joint.

Another example is using this flux when attaching wires to our Lighting Simulators or our Little Sound products. Once the wire is in position on the solder pad or the soldering hole, prepare the iron tip with solder and then place a droplet of flux at the joint to be soldered and touch the iron tip to the joint. A beautiful solder joint will be formed.

This flux can also be used to assist in good soldering of rail jointers, Fast Tracks turnout assembly, etched brass soldering and many other soldering projects. Properly fluxed component surfaces will produce the best solder joints.



This product is harmful if swallowed. Avoid prolonged skin contact.

Flammable. Keep away from flame.

This product is intended for use by only those 14 years of age or older.





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